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Are Challenger's Flight Crew Members Alive?

In 1986 my accountant from Ohio visited Florida with his young son on the day NASA's Challenger was to blast off. As I left to meet him at a McDonalds north of Sarasota I put binoculars on the passenger side front seat of my car just in case I caught a glimpse of the lift-off from the other side of the state.

As luck would have it, as I began to exit the restaurant's parking lot I saw the huge rocket lifting skyward. I stopped and trained my binoculars on it. As I watched, the rocket disappeared into a white cloud bank and I waited for it to reappear above the clouds. It never did. I saw large trails of white smoke. Could it be, I thought, that the launch had malfunctioned? I turned on my car radio and, as I drove southward along the Tamiami Trail I heard the bad news. For years, I believed every word of the government's narrative, the O-Rings, the bodies, and, as later following TVs 9/11, Sandy Hook, and the Boston bombing, the horror of it all.

As a start in understanding the Challenger disaster hoax it is imperative to grasp the fact that all publicized Apollo missions to the moon and back in the late 1960s until the end of December 1972 (Apollo 17) were a hugely expensive hoax. It has taken until the growth of the internet and widespread publication of purported original moon imagery, said to be photographed miles apart but containing the same exact backdrop, to put the nail into the coffin of that monstrous hoax. Anyone who still doubts this fact can begin their own research. NASA ought really to stand for Nonsensical American Space Allegations.

Soon after the late 1972 end of the Apollo hoax NASA designed the Space Shuttle program. Does anyone not realize that this project had to be constructed along the same lines as the previous venture? The time has come to separate gullibility, patriotic wishes, trust in government, credibility of news sources, and (above all) cognitive dissonance, from reality and truth. Perceptive persons must ask, Where does this put International Space Station (ISS) narratives? Good question. Challenger's 1986 images, TV, and press were just one part of NASAs space shuttles hoax narratives.

Following the Apollo program hoax, it was necessary to train new astronauts for upcoming Space Shuttle ventures. How did NASA go about finding these enterprising souls? Well, personal bravery isnt required when one understands that it is all fun and games. Other qualifications are needed, including intelligence.

To fill these new positions NASA did not, as in Apollo, look mainly for experienced test pilots. Instead they hired Nichelle Nichols, to fill job vacancies. Nichols, having starred in popular Star Trek movies, was highly qualified for this responsibility. She was discovered by Hugh Hefner who had hired her to work in his Chicago Playboy Club. Prior to that, an accomplished singer and dancer, Nichelle Nichols had sung with jazz greats Duke Ellington and Lionel Hampton. Among astronauts hired by her were Judith Resnik and Ronald McNair, both of whom were allegedly killed in the disaster of hoax space shuttle Challenger.

In maintaining a hoax, rather than killing potential whistle blowers, as needed to be done during Apollo, it was easier to work with cooperative individuals who could return to private lives. Obviously, all could easily do so except for those supposedly killed during fake space missions. To actually kill members of the complicit staff would potentially create serious difficulty. Who knows how others, aware of the hoax, might react? The trick was to cobble together biographies, part true and necessarily part fake, for space shuttle "astronauts".

Take a quick look at just two of this crew: Michael J. Smith and Judith Resnik. Smith is said to have graduated from the Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1967 and served in various U.S. Navy capacities until selected in 1980 for Space Shuttle duty. If it turns out that an existing Michael J. Smith doppelganger has credible and verifiable evidence of other activities that would have conflicted with NASA obligations during the span between reporting for space shuttle duty and the date of the Challenger narrative we can safely say he was not the person selected for the NASA role. Well, our doppelganger is said to have served as a research program director at the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety (NIOS) in Cincinnati, Ohio from 1974 through 1984 before becoming Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin, an improbable but not impossible career move for a former U.S. Navy officer. I tried researching NIOS online but the websites were down. I bet they go back up soon.

The NASA story is that Judith married in 1970 a former student buddy at Carnegie Mellon University where they both majored in electrical engineering. Both were said to be employed by RCA where they worked with various NASA projects connected to the company. The NASA biography says that after a few years they moved to the D.C. area because Judiths husband had decided to go to Georgetown University Law School. The narrative is that Judith did not join him in law but enrolled at the University of Maryland, graduating in 1977 with a PhD in EE before being recruited in 1978 by Nichelle Nichols, NASA's "spaceship" guru.

The continuing NASA tale is as follows: Although divorced from her former student buddy, they remained on good terms. Judith invited him to observe her blast-off in the maiden voyage of the space shuttle Discovery for an August to September mission in 1984. Thus, we have the curious picture of the lawyer coming to Florida to watch his ex-wife, a former student buddy, in a milestone blast-off during the space shuttle hoax. Obviously, Judith wasn't in space for weeks, her televised wild weightless hair notwithstanding. Perhaps he knows where she was, if he ever really existed.

The living doppelganger, following graduation from Firestone High School in Akron, Ohio, graduated from NYU Law School in 1975. In a year she was a lecturer and teaching at Yale Law School, a meteoric career move. She is said to have been on the faculty of University of Southern California's Law School in Los Angeles, home of Hollywood's Paramount Pictures Studios, for seventeen years beginning in 1980 before returning to Yale Law School's faculty in 1997. I observe that one need not practice law, generating court transcripts, to have an illustrious law career. This strikes me as curious but I am not a lawyer so what do I know?

I know that we are living in a world of smoke and mirrors designed so well by very smart people that America's masses, who long ago lost beneficent representative government, will remain, as George Carlin put it, willfully ignorant.

Columns may be copied or reproduced in their entirety with credit to author, Stewart Ogilby

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